Monday, August 31, 2009

Let's have a cockold Labor Day.

Hey, Happy Labor Day everyone,
Back to school for the kids now we can have time for our fun. Summertime the phone sex slows down with most people out of town, kids home all day. Maybe you want to play as my little
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I'll be playing this Labor Day Weekend,
call me on my special. 15 minutes for $19.90


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Friday, May 29, 2009

I am ready to be your hot little school girl.

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Are you getting hungry for Ice cream? Cum role play with your little
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. I love to wear ice cream with lots of whip cream for your tongue to lick off. Gliding over my young nipples, I laugh saying "daddy, that feels weird but good". I'm not sure why but I like it. Then you start sucking on my nipples, as I get this strange feels inside my pussy, then it starts getting wet. "Daddy," I say, when I feel you placing your finger inside my tight young pink pussy. "I just want to make sure your alright deep inside your body," you tell me. Then I feel your lips sucking on my wet pussy lips. Oh My, Daddy no wonder mommy screams when you do this, it feels so good as your tongue sliding in and out of my wet pussy.
I love all kinds of roleplaying, including the hot milf next door. Let's do some phone chating now.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Let's do some dirty talk this Memorial Day.

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Hi Boys,
I hope you American's are having a good long weekend. I'd like to say Thank You to a solder this Memorial Day. We owe you more then anyone can say.
Let God watch over each and everyone of you.
Now for those who want to phone chat, I will be home most of the weekend including Monday, so check my availability and we can start roleplaying your favorite fantasy. I like the milf, or mommy teaching my little man where to put his hands, sliding his fingers deep inside my wet pussy as I hear you moaning over the phone, your hand slides up and down squeezing on your on cock as if it was my lips. I want to suck on your little dick feeling you grow deep inside my mouth, you will be hearing me sucking on my dildo, as mommy takes your cock deep inside my wet mouth. Let's do some dirty talk now, just slide into mommy bed this Saturday Morning.

Love Ezzy,


Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am ready for any kind of phone sex role play

Hi Boys,

Are you ready for some good old dirty talk with this hot milf?
:) Maybe you can CUM join me (or cum with me) in my art room. Y0u can tie me up to my chair with my arms back and my titties hanging out. Well I think having you tie me up, spreading my legs wide open, going down with your little face between my legs would be so much fun. Give me a call (I'm getting wet thinking about your wet tongue) and we can do some roleplaying now.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Want to do some roleplaying with mommy today?

Hi Boys,

Don't forget today is Mother's Day, and we all need to show our mommy's how much we love her. I would love to role play as your mommy but I need lots of kisses to start with. As we dirty talk together, I'll tell you how much I love you, as I reach over unzipping your shorts, sliding them off those little legs of yours. "Relax" I say, "let mommy show you something that feels really good."
Taking your dick in my hands, kissing your little head. Sliding you inside my warm mouth. You ask "mommy, what are you doing?" Relax, lay back and close your eyes" I say. Mommy's going to take you somewhere like you have never been before, my son and you know that's right. Your cock goes deeper in mommy's wet mouth. You won't be able to do nothing but scream in delight. As our phone chat goes on I want to hear your hand sliding up and down, squeezing your shaft dreaming of mommy's lips sliding up and down on your hard cock. You will hear how wet you make my pussy as my dildo slides in and out of my tight pussy.

Cum on home, Mommy is waiting.

Mommy Esmeralda-Ezzie

Friday, March 27, 2009

Give this cheating wife a call.

Hi Boys'
Here's to the weekend, got your paycheck in the bank, give me a call, this cheating wife would Love to suck your cock right through the phone line.
I love all kinds of dirty talk. Maybe you want to be my little manly girl, I'll cross dress you in a pretty fancy dress after your daddy goes to work. Just you and I home, you know I love how sexy you look when you wear your sister's short mini skirt as your little dick just hangs down.
I can also take charge of your cock, make you beg and plead to be fucked. I do most fantasies, role play, cock control, age play, family fun.


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Friday, March 6, 2009

Want to bend this cheating wife over?

Hi Boys,
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Until Then,

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