Friday, May 29, 2009

I am ready to be your hot little school girl.

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Are you getting hungry for Ice cream? Cum role play with your little
school girl
. I love to wear ice cream with lots of whip cream for your tongue to lick off. Gliding over my young nipples, I laugh saying "daddy, that feels weird but good". I'm not sure why but I like it. Then you start sucking on my nipples, as I get this strange feels inside my pussy, then it starts getting wet. "Daddy," I say, when I feel you placing your finger inside my tight young pink pussy. "I just want to make sure your alright deep inside your body," you tell me. Then I feel your lips sucking on my wet pussy lips. Oh My, Daddy no wonder mommy screams when you do this, it feels so good as your tongue sliding in and out of my wet pussy.
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